Cal Brackin

Led community development projects throughout the globe using design methods for 10 years and am building on 3+ years in the UI/UX product design space. Motivated to do good with design!


Born and raised in Jackson Hole, WY. Grew up playing ice hockey with my brother.


Husband to a strong and talented wife. Father to a spirited daughter. Love backpacking and doing art as a family.


Favorite form of art is life drawing using ink and watercolor. I have thousands of illustrations from around the world capturing special moments.

Design Approach


Bias for action. I create artifacts and interactive prototypes to learn faster and reduce production time.


Work in systems. Whether it’s a tiny feature or an entire design system, I create reusable components for the team.



Clay on the table. I prefer to share rough ideas sketched out early to visualize the team’s ideas and explore divergent solutions.

Design Experience

My Workspace

Space influences how we behave and think so I've tried to craft my office to be inspirational and creative. I've got a few of my favorite illustrations, design books, plants in pottery made by me, art by my wife and child, and lit ambiance.

Process Thinking

This illustrated map simplifies major steps along the route of designing for needs. In reality, a process is not linear, is full of iterations, and many methods and tools involved. Being adaptable to circumstances, resources, and limitations is essential, but having an awareness of what could happen at every step is beneficial.

The Story of How I Got Into Design

01 Human-Centered Growth: Helping People

I started by following my curiosities for what people do and why they do it. I did an AmeriCorps service followed by a Masters in Int'l Relations where I was exposed to anthropology and social science research methods. I went into the Peace Corps creating social work programming in Mongolia, then to India consulting on community development projects using strategic design as a method.

Human-Centered Experiences

02 Using Design as a Method

I returned to the States and started a design-consulting business. I worked with government organizations, non-profits, and businesses creating strategic communications products. I also worked in public art and used design in community projects. I design-led an incredible mental health awareness campaign.

Design-Centered Experiences

03 Human-Centered Product Design

I decided to up skill my technology abilities and got a Masters in UX and Brand Design. I worked for a design agency and then moved in-house to further my abilities and understanding of working with engineers to develop and ship products.

Who I've Worked With

With 3+ years' of consulting, agency, and in-house experience as a digital product designer, I’ve worked with clients ranging from small startups to organizations looking to reinvent themselves and the way they approach designing products.






Jiffy Lube

On Board Innovations


Peace Corps


Christy Sports


City of Boulder, CO

Town of Jackson Hole, WY

Center for Design Research,

Institute of Design Oslo School of Architecture and Design


Kaitlin Lewis

AmeriCorps peer

The thread that connects leadership, collaboration, and flexibility is a commitment to others and an ability to be truly present in any given situation. That’s Cal. Whether decorating a gym for an elementary school Christmas celebration, starting a grassroots effort to showcase youth art in community installations, or mediating debates among colleagues, Cal’s compassion for others and intense consideration of how an act will affect others, makes him an asset to any team.


Mateo Juan Barroetavena

Stay Gold Design colleague

As a team leader Cal inspired trust and collaboration throughout our projects, leveraging his expertise and understanding to create innovative solutions that added immense value to both the client and the work delivered. His transparency, honesty and empathy bleed into every meeting and checkpoint, letting people in his team know that they can count on him 100%. Collaboration and versatility are a major part of his DNA, being able to occupy any and all roles at any given time, with a will to help find the best in everything we did.


Caleb Hammel

Sr. Product Designer, Hertz

In several instances working with Cal, he learned a new skill because no-one on the team knew how to accomplish what we needed. While working with a client who wanted graphic motion in their UI, Cal seemed to empress the opportunity to learn a new tool to in order to get the team where it needed to be. Whether it is a UX/UI problem, learning how to laser cut a lamp, or create a bike trailer so his daughter can join for rides; Cal is persistent in learning new tools to solve problems.

Let's work together

If you have an idea or project you want to discuss, feel free to contact me.


© 2023 Cal Brackin Design

Let's work together

If you have an idea or project you want to discuss, feel free to contact me.


© 2023 Cal Brackin Design

Let's work together

If you have an idea or project you want to discuss, feel free to contact me.


© 2023 Cal Brackin Design